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Goals Workshop & Toolkit

Confidently plan your child's next steps and begin to see real progress

No more false starts or giving up half way through the school year. You'll know where to begin, what to teach next, and how to pivot when things go sideways.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • I'm new and need help figuring out how to help my child
  • I feel like I'm teaching the same things over and over
  • I restart the same subject several times hoping something new will work
  • I eventually give up mid-year and hope I can figure it out next year
  • I realize that I don't really know how to help my child move forward
  • The years are going by and I'm afraid for my child's future

I can relate to every one of those because at various points in my homeschooling journey, that was me.

Hi! I'm Stephanie

And my mission is to help you keep your child moving forward, while continually gaining skills and knowledge on the journey.

As a homeschool mom for over 17 years, I've had many ups and downs with my five kids who ranged from gifted to struggling learner to special needs. Over the years I've learned that when typical schooling methods don't work, it's time for a specialized learning plan.

My heart is to give you the confidence and skills you need to forge a path for your child's future.

Imagine being able to:


how to determine the scope of what your child can realistically learn in one year.


your child's next steps in academics and functional skills with confidence, building on strengths while remediating weaknesses.


the right curriculum, accommodations and learning tools your child needs to move forward.


your child's progress using just the right tools so you can demonstrate proof of progress for legal purposes and the doubters.

Introducing the Goals Workshop & Toolkit

Form a clear vision for your child's
educational journey and then
use the tools you need to map it out.

The Big Picture

Goals graphic

Over 20 worksheets included!

The Goals Workshop & Toolkit is a complete, practical solution, designed to help you
define your child's struggles in academic and functional areas, so that
you can plan and measure your child's next step(s) in the educational process.

The Goals Workshop & Toolkit was created to help parents

who are homeschooling special needs children or struggling learners achieve
forward progress year over year 

because it's too easy to get knocked off track during the school year 

and lose ground instead of gain it. 

Your child can make real, measurable progress

that you and your child will see!

If you are homeschooling a struggling child, or if you
are not seeing the progress you know your child can achieve,

this is an opportunity that I know you will not want to miss.

Here's what is included:

Workshop (four hours):

  • Find your starting point
  • Set SMART goals 
  • Choose accommodations
  • Identify interim steps
  • Measure progress

Toolkit (choose from over 20 worksheets):

  • Prep sheets and profile pages
  • Goal planning sheets for academics and functional skills
  • Accommodations worksheet for daily school and testing
  • Goals breakdown worksheet
  • Variety of measuring tools for academics and life skills

This workshop includes two 2-hour sessions scheduled one week apart.

The first live session will be Monday, April 18,
from 7:30 - 9:30 PM Eastern (New York) time.

The first two-hour session is all about learning how to set appropriate goals for your child. Part of the time will be spent learning and the other part will be for implementation so you can ask me questions live as you work on them.

You have a week to write out your goals based on what you learn. I will be available by email to answer any questions you have during that week. 

The second live session will be Monday, April 25,
from 7:30 - 9:30 PM Eastern (New York) time.

The second two-hour session will build on the prep work and goals from the first session. You will learn how to support those goals with accommodations and interim steps. The final step is to choose how you will measure progress.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a complete plan for what to teach your child in areas where he is struggling, developmentally behind or needs extra support. This plan will help you choose the right curriculum.


To help you get the most out of this workshop, you get these additional tools:

Records Checklist

This will help you keep track of paperwork you need to determine goals now and to use for post-high school services later.


Begin with the End in Mind: A Framework for Teaching the Struggling Learner. This ebook helps you look at the big picture.

Tracking Pages

These pages can be used to track life skills practice or learn new habits. A fun way to involve your child in the process of learning.

Bonnie C.

I liked that both academic and fundamental development was included. Having all the forms explained clearly was a plus. Really loved the goal planning and choices of forms. The importance of keeping track of medical, therapy and school records was a wake up call to getting everything in order now rather than later.

You Will Have a New Life Skill

By the end of this workshop, you will:


Have a complete plan so you know what to teach your child in areas where he is struggling with concepts, developmentally behind or needs extra support. This plan will guide you throughout the school year and keep you on track. No more false starts, stumbling around or giving up half way through the year.


Be able to choose the right curriculum for your child. Armed with the knowledge of your child's next steps, it is much easier to shop for curriculum and more likely that you will get what your child needs. No more wasting money trying all the things and hoping something will stick.


Know just the right tools to measure progress. The right combination of measuring tools can reduce your stress load and give your child markers for success and build confidence. For you: no more feeling like your child is not making progress or fearing the future. For your child: no more feelings of constant failure from doing work that is just out of reach.


Have a toolkit that you can use year after year to build on each success, pivot as needed and see real growth. This may seem overly optimistic based on your past experience but yes, this is very doable. With a little practice using the tools, you can maintain order in your homeschool and your child will experience real progress and success.


Here's a list of everything included:

  1. 1
    Four hours of live training in two 2-hour sessions. 
  2. 2
    Over 20 tools with detailed info on how to use them.
  3. 3
    Bonus ebook: Begin with the End in Mind.
  4. 4
    Bonus checklist and tracking pages.
  5. 5
    Email access for additional help.


Who is the Goals Workshop & Toolkit for?

The Goals Workshop & Toolkit is for anyone whose child is a full year or more behind grade level work in one or more subjects, or is otherwise developmentally or functionally delayed in an area that needs remediation or accommodation. If your child cannot do a typical year's work in a school year, or needs support in functional areas, this workshop and toolkit can help you.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my access?

On the Thursday before the first workshop, you will receive an email with some materials and instructions on how to fill them out to prepare for the first workshop. After that, material will be released the day before each of the two workshops so you have time to print them out (no need to do anything with them until you attend the training). Sessions will be recorded and you will have access to those, too.

What if I can't attend live?

All sessions will be recorded so you can listen to them when you have time. There will be homework between the first and second workshops so you will want to listen to the recording as soon as you can.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the workshop with live training and printable products, we are not able to offer refunds. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us.