Paint Your LIfe Beautiful

Parenting a special needs child is definitely an art, not a science, so think of this website as one big art class. I’ll share tools, techniques and tips to help you learn how to manage your life and find your  new normal. I’ve broken it down into three main areas. Pick the topic below that meets your greatest immediate need and start creating beauty.

Child Care

Child care encompasses healthcare, education, character building and life skills, including:


Life Skills




Future Planning


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Home Care

Home care includes everything it takes to make your home run smoothly and efficiently including:




Record Keeping


Family Management


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Self Care

Self care is all about making sure mama can function because if not, the household doesn’t function.

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Health


Survival Mode


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I Care...

  • That your child is a teenager and still not potty trained
  • That you just spent another chunk of change on yet another therapy that didn’t pan out
  • That you feel isolated because no one seems to understand what it’s like
  • That this life seems unfair and it hurts and there is no end in sight to the misery you feel today
  • That going out in public is a nightmare and most people stare like it’s your fault
  • That you grieve the losses when your child misses another milestone or doesn’t get an invitation to parties
  • That your child takes one step back for every two steps forward
  • That you desperately need help here and now and sought out this community

I care…about you.


Hello. My name is Stephanie Buckwalter and I help special needs parents improve their family’s quality of life. I know first hand how challenging and heart-breaking the process of raising a special needs child can be. I lived in despair for many years. All it took was one person who truly cared about me and my child and that changed everything. I want to be that person for you.

Available Now

Guide to Apraxia of Speech, written in a Q&A format, provides quick help for your questions related to diagnosis, treatment, what it’s like at home, what you need to get help through the school system, how to advocate for your child and much more. Check out the Look Inside feature for a complete list of questions answered.