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Are you overwhelmed with life?

I get it. The special needs lifestyle is intense. Not only do you need to learn new skills to care for your child, you have to become a therapist, teacher, nurse and case manager, while still being a mother, wife, homemaker and friend. Not to mention all the other roles like sibling, in-law, advocate, medical researcher and paper pusher. And the list goes on.

Working through the skills list is one thing, but the emotional side is a whole other set of baggage. Where to start? With stress, fear and overwhelm? Or maybe guilty, helpless, lonely? What about isolated, exhausted, confused? I thought about making a checklist but I decided it would be too depressing. The scores can get pretty high. 

Is there no end to all this? Is there no one who understands? Who cares?

I Care…

  • That your child is a teenager and still not potty trained
  • That you just spent another chunk of change on yet another therapy that didn’t pan out
  • That you feel isolated because no one seems to understand what it’s like
  • That this life seems unfair and it hurts and there is no end in sight to the misery you feel today
  • That going out in public is a nightmare and most people stare like it’s your fault
  • That you grieve the losses when your child misses another milestone or doesn’t get an invitation to parties
  • That your child takes one step back for every two steps forward
  • That you desperately need help here and now, and sought out this community

I care…about you.

Hi there! I'm Stephanie

I'm here in the trenches with you. I have a daughter with moderate intellectual disabilities and we've been through all of what I mentioned above and more. She's not my only child so I experienced those things in the midst of raising five children. It's been a roller coaster of a ride and I've rock bottom a few times. I've learned a lot and am here to help you buckle up for your own roller coaster ride. I have knowledge that will speed up your learning curve and give you special insights into this world of special needs parenting. Come along and join the adventure!

Here are your first steps:


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Happy People

I just wanted to say how much I benefit from reading your honest, and very relatable writing. You've got really great insight. 

Jamie R.  Special Needs Parent

As a Speech Pathologist (and a homeschool mum of a girl with ASD)... thank you, for sending out such an important email... amazing! :)

Christie D.  Speech Language Pathologist

I'm so glad to know about your website for special needs children and their parents.

Pam G.  Friend of Special Needs Family

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