This course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your child’s individualized Student Education Plan.

With over 60 printable worksheets, planner pages and forms, you can customize the plan to meet the exact needs of your child.

Many of the worksheets can be used to document progress if your state requires it. Others will help you think ahead to your child’s future and what you really want their life to be like as an adult.

Start Homeschooling with Confidence

Dive into this step-by-step course that guides you through the process of creating your child’s homeschool Student Education Plan.

An SEP serves as your guide to helping your special needs child achieve their greatest potential. This course gives you the tools to create your plan–even if you are just beginning to homeschool.

  • Divided into three stages so you are not overwhelmed by the process.
  • Includes over 60 printable forms and worksheets to choose from so you can customize your homeschool to fit your child’s needs. Many of the worksheets can be used to document progress if your state requires it. Others will help you think ahead to your child’s future and what you really want their life to be like as an adult.
  • Over 2 hours of video instruction including how to use the printables, plus teaching tips so you can be confident you are teaching what your child needs.
  • Helps you identify your child’s learning profile so you can focus on teaching your childrather than simply teaching the curriculum.

Course Overview

Why Does My Child Need a Student Education Plan?

It all comes down to planning. Without a plan, you waste valuable energy trying to figure out what to do or how to help your child learn better.

A Student Education Plan helps you define where your child is both developmentally and academically. As you keep track of progress, it helps you pivot whenever things are not working.

Whether your child needs a full-blown special needs education plan or a few supports and accommodations for a high functioning child, you will know where to start the school year and have a plan for where you want it to end.

Thinking Ahead to the Future

The goal of education is to graduate into adulthood. There are worksheets to help you look to your child’s future as an adult. You will look at the three areas of Independence, Social Connection and Productivity and determine how this year’s SEP will guide your child to the future you envision.


  • Welcome
    • Start here: A Message from Stephanie (3:48)
  • Stage 1: Assess
    • Intro to Stage 1 (3:27)
    • Gather Evaluations (6:14)
    • Determine Present Levels (9:44)
    • Create a Student Learning Profile (5:39)
    • Set Goals (16:15)
  • Stage 2: Prepare
    • Intro to Stage 2 (1:53)
    • Choose Curriculum and Activities (8:17)
    • Identify Accommodations (3:14)
    • Create a Schedule (6:06)
    • Plan Your First Week of School (6:05)
    • Set Up Classroom and Supplies (4:01)
  • Stage 3: Teach
    • Intro to Stage 3 (1:45)
    • Teach (41:17)
    • Debrief and Ongoing Planning (4:23)
    • Measure Progress and Pivoting (11:05)
    • Final Grades and Portfolios
  • Get Help
  • Finding Support
  • Submit Your Questions

Special Introductory Offer: $47

Course available April 7, 2021


Overall impression: As a first time homeschooler of a special needs child I found this course to be extremely helpful. It answered my questions about many issues from suggestions to how to set up the physical space to planning, grading and testing. The lesson format is easy to follow going from general concepts of planning to the details of how best to teach a challenged child. The forms are fantastic in my opinion and worth the cost of the class in themselves. I am impressed with the high quality of your work.

Stage 1- Assess: I found the discussion concerning Evaluation and Assessment answered many questions I had about the need for and when to have testing done professionally very informative. The importance of keeping track of medical, therapy and school records was a wake up call to getting everything in order now rather than later. Having all the forms explained clearly was a plus. I liked that both academic and fundamental development was included. Really loved the goal planning and choices of forms.

Stage 2- Prepare: The Long Term Focus visual really stresses looking at the big picture of a child’s development. Thinking about the eventual goal of independence struck home. It is so easy to loose sight of this in the everyday routine of schooling. I had not been looking that far ahead but I certainly will from now. All the forms in this Stage 1 are so relevant and will definitely find a place in my portfolio. Stephanie’s personal comments drawn from years of experience enabled me to better understand where I am headed and how I can reach my goals.

Stage 3 – Teach: Wow! This is absolutely my favorite part of the class. Everything that came ahead of this better prepared me for the in-depth coverage Stephanie provides as she discusses the actual day-to-day teaching. I actually went through this section twice so I could be sure I got everything into my head. I also had been struggling with the best way to grade and evaluate my child and gained a much better understanding from the suggestions and forms provide here.

– Bonnie Collins

Special Introductory Offer: $47

Course available April 7, 2021